Broadband roll out

We are aware that there are issues with broadband across the village, with poor speeds encountered by many residents.

We are working with Cheshire East to try and get broadband rolled out across the village and some properties will be upgraded over the next 2 years. The main issue is due to distance from the cabinet with some of the village being served from Macclesfield and some from Congleton.

Cheshire East issued in December 2016 a new schedule for broadband roll out that shows the village as being redefined from already/about to have fibre now to having an assured fibre roll out in summer 2018 – which suggests some acknowledgement that the services they claimed we had are not what residents are experiencing on a day to day basis.

Latest Roll out Schedule December 2016

Cheshire East has launched a subsidy scheme to help those people receiving a download speed of less than 2Mbps. You can check your eligibility here and apply online (somewhat tricky I know if you have poor broadband).

Click here to test your broadband speed.

We are also working with another provider Vispa who is looking at alternative technology and are currently developing a solution for use in Gawsworth which we may well be able to adopt in Eaton – if we have the demand. This project is being led by Gawsworth parish council and they will keep us updated with progress, in the meantime their website tells you all about where they are up to with VISPA.

More information on VISPA can be found here.

This flyer explains a little bit more about their offering.

You can register your interest here to help them build a commercial case for development.

In the meantime there are some hints and tips on the link below that will help you maximise the speed you currently get.


The reasons for this lack of deployment to date as given by Cheshire East are:

  • The amount of coverage that can be provided,
  • The speeds the end users will receive,
  • The cost of deployment,
  • Whether an eligible small or medium sized business would be serviced
  • If the exchange serving the area has already been upgraded to fibre.