Neighbourhood Plan – rationale & team

Since 2012, the government has allowed parishes to draw up Neighbourhood Plans to reflect their parishioners’ views on the future development and conservation of their parish and the Eaton Parish Council has decided that a Neighbourhood Plan should be drawn up for our village. A number of other local parishes have already started to draw up such plans.

The whole process of drawing up the plan is tightly defined and the results must comply with the existing requirements of current national and county plans. The final proposals have to be presented to Cheshire East for their approval, after approval by the Eaton parishioners and audit by an independent body.

One of the advantages for a village of having a Neighbourhood Plan is that the local planning authority has to take account of the villagers’ wishes as set out in the plan if anyone puts forward a proposal for development in the parish.

The plan must reflect the views of as many inhabitants of the parish as possible, and the Parish Council has to ensure that all the inhabitants of Eaton who so wish must be given the opportunity to put forward their ideas for the development and conservation of our parish over the next five to twenty years.

The Parish Council has set up a small team of Eaton villagers to carry out the work of gathering information, consulting the parishioners and drawing up a draft plan for the parishioners’ approval.

The team comprises: John Bradburn, John Goodwin, Tamsin MacCormack, Andy Mitchell, Neil Thorpe and Steve Waltho.

We will need the help and support of all our residents in responding to any questionnaires, making your views known and supporting the process.

When the plan is finalised and agreed, Cheshire East Council have to conduct a referendum of the inhabitants of Eaton to see how many agree the Plan and at least 50% must approve it in order for it to be accepted and become official.

The development of a plan like this takes a lot of time and effort so please do let us know if you are able to contribute in any way.

It might be helping to deliver flyers, photographing scenery within the village, manning a stand at the village fete. There are a whole host of ways you can help.

If you feel you can contribute then please do email us at we really would love to hear from you.