Chairman’s Annual Report



The council has had a very busy year as ever, and apart from reporting pot holes, fly tipping, completing park inspections, attending Cheshire East Council meetings, replying to planning applications, liaising with the sand quarry, etc. etc.  Bbelow are other some of the key areas that we have been involved with on your behalf.

Link Road

The Congleton link road remains a focus of the Parish Council’s attention and will continue to do so in 2017. We continue to lobby Cheshire East Council to mitigate the impact of the road on the residents of Eaton, and are looking to ensure that mitigation measures are implemented before the link road can be opened to traffic.


This concern remains high on our agenda, and we are waiting to hear when ‘black ribbons’ will be installed on the A536. These ribbons will report the actual speed of vehicles, providing us with actual facts rather than working with perception. Should proven frequent speeding be taking place on the A536 then fully informed decisions can be had with Cheshire East as to what can be done to address this issue.


After several meetings and presentations from Cheshire East and the Broadband Roll Out team it would appear that Eaton Parish is served by 3 distinct telephone exchanges, all of which are subject to different roll out schedules. Whilst the broadband providers claim that high speeds are available from some of their cabinets our distance from these means that most of us are unable to benefit from these speeds without paying to install dedicated lines. Our best option currently is to capitalise on a trial that Gawsworth are undertaking with a wireless provider called Vispa and as soon as we have more information on this trial we’ll update you.


Neighbourhood Plan

The production of a neighbourhood plan gives the right to communities to shape development in their areas. The development of this plan which, once approved should provide some legal protection against speculative housing developments within our village, is not established, and, without it Eaton is very vulnerable to undesirable housing developments amongst other things.

It is with regret, having asked several times for volunteers to help with producing a village neighbourhood plan, no-one has come forward. Therefore on a daily basis residents run the gauntlet of the threat of speculative additional housing developments on a scale, and, in locations which may or may not be beneficial to Eaton. Should planning applications fitting the latter description be submitted then be prepared to ‘fight your corner’.

If any residents would like to help create a plan then please email and we will help set up a working party. The plan is supposed to be created by residents not the Parish Council.

Bank Maintenance

We are responsible for the maintenance of the bank adjacent to the A536 that leads from the Smithy to the Millennium Park. We have once again asked Stephen Oakes to carry out this work on a regular basis, to ensure that the area remains tidy and attractive for all those passing by.

Village Website

Please use the village website, it will inform you of events within the village, interesting articles related to village life, and keep you updated with council issues. A big thank you to Councillor Tamsin MacCormack for all the hard work that she has put in to maintain the website, which you can view by accessing the website at

To all the councillors who give up their time on a voluntary basis to meet the challenges faced by our village, from myself, a heartfelt thank you for performing a sterling and thankless job.

On behalf of the Parish Council our sincerest thanks go to our clerk, Dorothy, who continues to work hard for the benefit of the village. The parish council would not function as efficiently as it does without her, and to our Cheshire East Ward Councillor, Lesley Smetham. Lesley provides us with valuable advice, contacts, information and guidance, without which we could not manage.

The next council meeting will be the annual meeting and is scheduled to take place on Tuesday 17th May at 7.00 PM in the Village hall. All residents are welcome to attend, and 10 minute residents question period is allocated at the start of this meeting.

Julie Lyne       Chairman – Eaton Parish Council.

10th May 2016



If you would like to help develop a Neighbourhood Plan please either email with your contact details or return the completed slip to 6 4 School Lane.

I would like to be involved in developing a Neighbourhood Plan to help prevent speculative development in the village



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