Link Road Meeting 8th July

As you may be aware Cheshire East Council have announced their preferred route for the proposed Congleton Link Road. The route chosen would be what residents in Eaton refer to as the southern option. Details of the route together with the report indicating how they have come to the decision can be found by using this link.


A further copy of the route can also be viewed on the village notice board.

We on the Parish Council will now be entering into discussions with Cheshire East Council to determine how the impact of this road will affect the village, and what mitigating actions should be incorporated in any development to help alleviate this impact.

Whilst we already have a number of items that we feel will help relieve the impact of the road, we are also keen to hear the views of the residents, and particularly those of the residents who live on or adjacent to the A536.

As such we would welcome the attendance of all residents who have a particular interest in this to our next Council meeting which is scheduled to take place on Tuesday 8th July at 7pm. The link road will be the first agenda item for the meeting

Stephen Waltho

Chairman – Eaton Parish Council