Parish Council Report – September 2014

September Report

The Council website is continuing to improve and there is a link on the site to register your interest in fast speed broadband for the village. A donation of £200 has been given to Eaton Church to help with the cost of repairing the clock, and a special donation of £50 is being made to the Royal British Legion to mark 100 years from the start of the First World War.

Following the meeting with representatives on the link road, a further meeting on site is planned when negotiations will continue to mitigate the effects of the proposal.

Complaints about the bleepers from reversing vehicles at the quarry have been passed on and we will continue to monitor this.

The Chairman has provided a letter of support from the council for the application for funding for major improvements to the Church Hall being made by the Amenities Committee and the Church.

Finally, we are looking into the feasibility of a Local Plan for Eaton and whether it will provide any future protection for the village, and also the cost of this.

The next meeting will be in the Church Hall on Tuesday 11th November at 7.00pm.

Dorothy Waite – Clerk to the Council.