Traffic Incident log

As a Parish Council we are keeping a log of any motoring incidents in the village. If you witness, or are involved in any incidents please email with the details.

A536 Traffic Incidents

21/5/2015 A car crashed into a trailer belonging to Dodgson’s, who were patching the tarmac on the A536 . This happened at the junction of School Lane and the A536.

17/1/15 An empty wheelie bin from outside “Roseleigh” fell in to the road and caused a traffic hazard, with some damage to the wing mirror of a car.

29/12/14    A very serious incident involving three cars happened on the A536 opposite the Plough Inn at 4.40 in the afternoon. Local residents diverted traffic  onto the Plough slip road until the police arrived to take control. Two of the cars were write-offs and three occupants were taken to hospital. A lamp standard was badly damaged and the road was closed for nearly two hours.

14/09/14    Car crashed near White House farm, presumably having taken the bend from Macclesfield too fast.

14/07/14     White van involved in an incident,left the road beyond Rectory Cottage heading towards Congleton.

04/06/14 Mrs Reuter coming out of her drive,opposite the park, narrowly missed being hit by a speeding ambulance which did not have its siren going until it saw Mrs Reuter beginning to pull out. The sudden noise startled her and the ambulance had to swerve to avoid a collision. She had to return home to recover from the shock.

02/05/14 Pedestrian narrowly missed while crossing the road by the Smithy. A fast moving white van coming from Congleton at speed

17/04/14 Some damage to a parked car opposite Putty Row by a vehicle heading towards Macclesfield. No one injured.

02/04/14 Minor shunt opposite the smithy involving one vehicle waiting to turn on to the farm track and a van coming over the brow of the hill from Congleton. Little damage to both vehicles.

02/02/14 Two cars involved in a serious collision near Putty Row at about 10.30. A536 reduced to single line traffic for some time. Much damage to the vehicles but I don’t think there were serious injuries.

19/11/13 Two cars involved in a minor collision outside Eaton Cottage below the Havannah Lane/Moss Lane junctions. Some damage to the vehicles but no serious injuries. Occured late afternoon.

15/11/13 Opposite the Smithy at the entrance to the farm track, Rita Howell’s car was pushed through the hedge by a Transit van coming too fast over the brow of the hill from Congleton. Mercedes was a write-off and Rita taken to A and E at Macclesfield. Late afternoon, still daylight.

15/08/13 Near Moreton Hall Lane and Smithy Lane junctions; car and tractor; fire; drivers to Wythenshaw hospital; incident number 563; road 8/11/13 Minor shunt”involving 2 cars at the bottom of School Lane junction; some damage to car lights.