Dorothy’s Halle Group


Dorothy has been organising group visits to Halle concerts in Manchester since the 1970s. We started with a few on a minibus and grew to two 53 seater coaches. The Halle has now changed our day to a matinee but there are still 57 going on a special stretched bus for us. The concerts are what were the old Industrial Concerts performed at the Free Trade Hall.

The Halle has for some years been in their own orchestral designed Bridgewater Hall and here we go to nine concerts per year, nothing too highbrow but some new pieces to stretch our interest. All the season tickets for next year – September/May are taken but we have a book in which are listed names and numbers of persons who can take up a spare ticket when these come up. There are already quite a number in the book, some from the village, but if you want to be included just give Dorothy a ring (276385) and you can add your name to the list. The cost per seat varies on where you sit but ranges from £12 to £20 plus £5 for your return coach fare.

All the concerts are on a Wednesday afternoon. The coach comes from Biddulph and picks up at various places en route, finishing in the village at about 12.50 pm. We return from Manchester at approx. 4.30 pm. I have programme leaflets if you are interested and call in for one. Each year I think this maybe my last year to organise this – but it keeps going as long as I do.

Dorothy Waite