A family of Rose Queens

Ambrose & Elizabeth Rowbotham moved to Eaton in 1941 to live at Jackfields Farm with their four sons, Frank, Reg, Hugh and John. Somehow along the line the boys only managed to produce 1 male offspring, all the other nine were girls and from then on much has been the same story! In 1960 Hazel was queen and in 2012 Florence was the 10th queen from the same family line.

10 rose queensTop – 1960 Hazel Tomkinson, 1965 Irene Goodwin, 1977 Ann Stonier, 1979 Liz Rowbotham, 1982 Helen Boxford

Bottom – 1984 Sue Bullock, 1993 Claire Goodwin, 1998 Joanne Stonier, 2010 Winifred Bullock, 2012 Florence Bullock